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Facility Maintenance

Offering clients a suite of innovative and environmentally compliant facility maintenance solutions for property managers.

Keeping a commercial facility clean isn’t an easy lift. SP+ provides a robust menu of facility maintenance offerings that ensures your property is accessible, clean, and in top condition. From cleaning, painting, and general repair to daily and seasonal services, we use our environmentally compliant processes to create customized maintenance services hassle-free.

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Our state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment reduces water consumption by as much as 75% per service.
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Environmentally Compliant

No need to worry about meeting compliance regulations. All our maintenance services comply with federal, state, and local environmental laws.

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Full Range of Services

We use our industry expertise to create a robust menu of maintenance services that support clients’ needs at every level.

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Flexible Capabilities

We know facility maintenance is fluid. From daily to seasonal support, we offer flexible scheduling to meet your facility’s specific needs.

Solutions that support our clients.

SP+ SmartClean is the unique integration of technology and cleaning services to deliver better cleaning services management and confirmation.  Using safe and effective cleaning products, SP+ provides the next level cleaning expected in our post-pandemic world.

SP+ SmartClean offers an integrated management system that includes both labor management and tracking systems, such as time and attendance systems, as well as service management.

SP+ SmartClean is a supplementary service to industries already served by SP+, including colleges and universities, airports and airlines, professional sports, hotels and resorts, meeting and convention centers, major theme parks, and transportation and shuttle services.

Our Power Sweeping and Cleaning service removes large debris from your property and collects materials that accumulate from the daily vehicle and foot traffic at a facility. Then our team uses high-powered equipment that power scrubs surfaces to restore painted areas and bring your property back to its best self.

Our state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment runs both hot and cold water at high pressures to deep clean surfaces. This equipment is designed to reclaim water instantly, filter, clean and recycle the water for reuse during the same service call. This technique reduces water consumption by as much as 75% per service when compared to traditional pressure washing methods. We properly contain and dispose of wastewater in accordance with environmental requirements.

Basic daily janitorial (or porter) services are available to handle litter and debris that finds its way onto your property. Our services include cleaning parking facility offices, light cleaning of booth or pay stations, gum and graffiti removal, cleaning of overhead pipes and light fixtures, and post-construction cleanup. Our services cover a myriad of surfaces ranging from sidewalks to pedestrian plazas and from parking lots to parking garage structures.

Maintaining your facility’s curb appeal is an ongoing effort. Our Painting & General Repair services covers everything from painting curbs and islands, repairing potholes, replacing light ballasts, re-installing wheel stops or bollards, replacing or hanging new signs, and repainting stenciled areas or parking space lines. These activities keep your facility looking its best and reduce the need for costly repairs later. We collaborate with your parking operations and property management to minimize disruption to normal daily operations.

Our in-house production sign shop can quickly produce new, replacement, or specialty signs for properties at competitive prices. In many situations, we can arrange a “wing-to-wing” wayfinding solution – ranging from collaboration on design proofs to production to delivery and installation.

In select markets, we offer seasonal services such as snow plowing, ice control, manual snow removal services, and landscaping services ranging from grass cutting, line trimming, weed control, placing mulch in planting beds, and seasonal planting.

Rest easy knowing that the work we perform at your property will comply with federal, state, and local environmental laws. In each city we perform cleaning services, we commission reports through an independent environmental consultant to confirm our services meet federal, state, and local environmental guidelines, as well as legal and contractual requirements. We follow best practice management on daily maintenance activities, including the proper handling and disposal of dry waste or wastewater collected during the cleaning of your facility, parking structure, sidewalks, plazas, and pedestrian walkways.

Our equipment and procedures are structured to meet the strictest federal, state, and local environmental compliance requirements with properly trained technicians and leading-edge cleaning system.

Solving unique parking logistics for cities across the country.

  • Codina Partners, Downtown Doral Parking Demand Analysis, Doral, FL
  • Hillsborough County, Parking Rate Study, Tampa, FL
  • SoFi Stadium, Internal Traffic Management and Parking Operations Plan, Inglewood, CA
  • True North Development, Village of Okemos Parking Demand Analysis and Revenue Projection, Okemos, MI
  • Transwestern, 3630 Peachtree Road Shared Parking Demand Analysis, Atlanta, GA
  • Gensler, 200 Park and City View Valet Operation Model Report, San Jose, CA
  • Kansas City Airport, Kansas City Airport Wayfinding and Signage Review, Kansas City, MO
  • Sonoma County Airport, Sonoma County Airport Facility Layout and Design, Santa Rosa, CA
  • Marion County Hospital, Marion County Hospital Facility Layout and Design, Columbus, OH
  • LCOR, Continuum Phase II Valet Layout and Signage Package, White Plains, NY
  • Miami Worldcenter, Miami Worldcenter Facility Operating Plan, Miami, FL


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