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How SP+ Transformed an Off-Air Parking Brand


Over the past year, the SP+ Marketing Team collaborated with the Operations Team in Los Angeles and our client, Stanton Road Capital (SRC), to perform a complete rebrand of 105 Airport Parking, an off-air parking location for LAX. After conducting a thorough analysis with SRC and ideating different brand possibilities, South Bay Airport Parking was born.

Stanton Road Capital, who purchased 105 Airport Parking and the lot structure in 2017, is an investment management firm focused on repositioning commercial real estate properties nationwide and shared our belief that brand and property refreshes are an essential part of staying relevant and competitive in the market. The substantial change from 105 Airport Parking to South Bay Airport Parking has already helped to increase awareness and interest with prospective and current customers. Instead of being associated with an interstate known for severe traffic issues, the new brand connects with a consumer base that identifies as being part of the South Bay area, which can also create loyalty as the brand matures and gains traction.

Additionally, the South Bay branding reflects the type of experience customers can expect when they arrive at the parking facility. The South Bay area is known for its upscale presence, and South Bay Airport Parking customers quickly find the same quality of experience starting from the quality of the shuttle to the superior customer service provided by South Bay staff.

Bringing the South Bay Brand to Life

Once the branding and logos were created, it was time to deploy the South Bay Branding across all of the customer touch points. The SP+ Operations team started on creating the new experience for customers while at the location. The team went to work and installed brand new signage throughout the facility, ensuring there were no remnants of 105 signage. New uniforms were created and provided to staff to show off the new South Bay Airport Parking Logo and match the new color palette.

Similarly, the shuttle was given a makeover with a new vehicle wrap that drove awareness of the location’s new branding. The shuttle’s constant presence at LAX reminded travelers that off-air parking is available at a significant discount compared to parking fees at the airport. SP+ Ops also changed the shuttle name in the Ride Systems Mobile App that provides parkers with Shuttle tracking capabilities.

Getting the word out

The rebrand did not stop at the location. The Sphere Custom Team was tapped to translate the new South Bay Airport Parking experience digitally via a completely redesigned parking guide. Using the new branding guidelines and continuous feedback from the SP+ client and the operations team, was brought to market at a rapid pace.

To ensure that the established brand authority from the previous 105 Airport parking guide was maintained, the Sphere Custom team followed the SP+ proprietary site migration strategy. Similarly, existing 105 Airport local listings were rebranded as South Bay to maintain brand consistency. 

Once the new parking guide was finished, the SP+ Marketing team worked with Ops on a launch and communications strategy to ensure that existing customers were aware of the changeover and prospective LAX parkers were captured.

All stakeholders agreed that a promotional launch rate would be the best way to capture the attention of potential customers. The marketing team crafted email marketing templates that mirrored the new parking guide and have been using the channel to consistently reengage existing 105 Airport Parking customers to alert them of the South Bay launch and promote the special rate being offered during the launch.

To capture new customers using the South Bay branding, the SP+ Marketing team launched a search marketing campaign targeted at customers who have telegraphed their intention to travel and LAX airport marketing needs via their search behavior. Additionally, campaigns are being explored and conversion funnels are being structured to take advantage of other advertising channels in the future.

Bringing it All Together

“Deciding to overhaul an entire brand can seem like a daunting task, but it can be just what is needed to reenergize a business and expand into larger target markets. Working with Stanton Road Capital, SP+ was able to collaborate cross functionally to bring the new South Bay Airport Parking brand to life with a completely new look at the location and across its digital properties,” said Vincent Raguseo, SP+ Senior Vice President, Marketing. With the new brand, the SP+ Marketing team will be able to drive optimized results driven from all of the marketing campaigns they are managing for the client.

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