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Supporting cities and public agencies across the country with best-in-class operations and industry-leading, technology-driven mobility solutions.

Big or small, urban or rural, all municipalities face the same major challenge: balancing a budget while offering a full slate of quality parking services. Working closely with municipalities through the parking privatization process, SP+ Municipal Services helps cities achieve their parking objectives without straining public resources or sacrificing customer service.

Working as consultants, our team of experts provide parking layout recommendations that minimize traffic, reduce carbon emissions, and utilize energy-efficient technologies. We can also help design and install graphics, lighting, and signage as well as help with the procurement of automated traffic and revenue control equipment, including financing for city equipment purchases.

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Parking Expertise With Impact

Our Municipality team puts parking expertise on every corner of your town. They deliver parking layout recommendations that minimize traffic, reduce carbon emissions, and employ energy efficient technologies.

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Meeting All Facets of City Traffic Management Needs

There’s more to efficient parking solutions than vehicle spaces. Our Municipality services include designing and installing graphics, lighting, and signage. We also help with procuring automated traffic and revenue control equipment.

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Emerging Technologies For Mobile Solutions

We’re constantly assessing advanced technologies and emerging industry trends to determine how they best support municipalities. The result is high value solutions that reduce your costs and improve your municipality’s efficiencies.

Solutions that support our clients.

In the open parking ecosystem, properly managing signage to allow for additional payment options is an important initiative. The goal is to minimize confusion by making parking simple and convenient for users while complying with established municipal sign guidelines. SP+ has created a sign solution that accomplishes this goal without the need for updating signage as new payment options are added or subtracted from the parking ecosystem. Our solutions incorporate text-to-pay with unlimited app payment options.
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Curb space is an ever-changing landscape. As an industry leader, we designed a curb solution that allows for flex loading zones, fleet management, bike lane monitoring and enforcement, and much more making curb management efficient and effective.

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Our Operation Guidance Program is our latest initiative to meet municipalities where they are and provide collaborative support. The program is designed for municipalities that need to enhance an established parking program or start a new one without fully outsourcing the process. This allows our Municipal Team to assume result-oriented responsibilities and roles within the municipality’s team, whether on the planning or deliverable side.

Our municipality implementations include guided stakeholder engagement processes. We know that inclusion, communication, and education are pivotal to the success of any public program changes. We work hand-in-hand with your on-site teams to create effective outreach and education campaigns to garner community buy-in and acceptance.

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