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SP Plus Corporation Deploys Sphere™ Technology Solutions for the City of Richmond, Virginia


CHICAGO – SP+™ Corporation (SP+), (Nasdaq: SP) a leading provider of technology-driven mobility solutions for aviation, commercial, hospitality and institutional clients throughout North America and Europe, today announced a technology overhaul for the City of Richmond, Virginia, to Sphere™, a technology platform that spans the company’s industry-leading suite of solutions. Sphere supports the SP+ commitment to delivering enhanced end-to-end mobility solutions, from customer acquisition and purchases to operational logistics and data reporting.

Customers at the 7th and Marshall facility, a 607-space, six-lane, mixed-use location, which includes daily, monthly, and residential parkers, were frustrated with the outdated equipment and technology that led to entry and exit gate malfunctions.

SP+ proactively took action, and presented Sphere, with its suite of breakthrough solutions. Sphere technology immediately addressed the increased urgency for products and services that foster a frictionless experience for parkers at this facility.

SP+ is delivering the City of Richmond improved operational performance with the introduction of streamlined customer journeys, reduced operating costs and improved overall profitability and customer satisfaction.

The implementation of Sphere Commerce Digital Ticket technology for the City of Richmond features gated entry and exits, along with a completely digital experience – including QR code capability, and a digital ticket, eliminating the need for paper tickets. In addition, Sphere License Plate Recognition (LPR) makes access to the facility as simple as driving-in.

“The amazing technology provided by SP+ has greatly improved our facility at 7th and Marshall,” said Lynne Lancaster, Public Works Deputy Director, City of Richmond. “We are seeing an increase in transactions, as well as a significant boost in revenue. The City of Richmond greatly appreciates the operational expertise of SP+, and having them as our single-source provider is extremely efficient on our-end.”

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