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SP Plus Corporation Launches its Bags® Branded Remote Airline Check-in at Charleston International Airport


CHICAGO – SP+® Corporation (SP+), (Nasdaq: SP) a best-in-class technology and operations management provider of mobility services for aviation, commercial, hospitality, and institutional clients throughout North America and Europe, today announced remote airline check-in is now available at Charleston International Airport (CHS) in North Charleston, South Carolina, through its subsidiary Bags®. Bags is the leader in multi-airline, remote check-in, and luggage services, combining exceptional customer service with innovative technologies to create a seamless, stress-free consumer experience.

Remote airline check-in offered by Bags streamlines the departure process at CHS by allowing passengers to check-in for their flight, receive their boarding pass, and also check their luggage at the curb, parking garage, or rental car return center, without having to stand in line at the airline ticket counters.

“CHS, South Carolina’s largest and busiest airport, had a vision, and generated a Request for Proposal without direct knowledge of Bags’ line-up of services,” said John Romantic, Senior Vice President, Business Development Officer, Bags. “Bags collaborated with them on their technology needs and desired process enhancements, which all have been far exceeded.”

Meeting with the CHS leadership to discuss vendor management of their existing curbside kiosks, members of the Bags team focused on how added technology available from Bags could deliver on the airport’s vision, their entire vision for a multi-airline check-in process on a singular technology platform. Rather than walking passengers into ticket counters (two-step process), Bags technology could check-in, accept, and deliver baggage to the airline induction location/ticket counter; allowing for a much more simplified and convenient one-step process for passengers.

“Adding the convenience for passengers to check bags curbside, avoid ticket lines inside of the terminal, and simply proceed to security check-in is a win for travelers,” said Elliott Summey, Charleston International Airport CEO, and Executive Director. “Our mission is to provide an efficient and passenger-friendly experience and CHS Check and Go plays a critical part.”

Bags’ remote airline check-in offers check-in services for seven airlines on the CHS curb and has exceeded projections by more than two times what had originally been projected.

“Passengers being served by Bags at the CHS curb and parking garage now have the convenience of checking in their luggage for a flight before they even enter the airport terminal allowing them to go immediately to the security checkpoints. We have witnessed the joy and relief of passengers having this convenient service as they prepare to fly out of Charleston,” added Darren Barton, Vice President, Bags.

About SP+

SP+ ( develops and integrates industry-leading technology with best-in-class operations management and support to deliver mobility solutions that enable the efficient and time-sensitive movement of people, vehicles, and personal travel belongings. With over 20,000 team members located throughout North America and Europe, SP+ is committed to providing solutions that make every moment matter for a world on the go.

About CCAA

Charleston International Airport (CHS) is a joint civil-military airport located in North Charleston, South Carolina. The airport is operated by the Charleston County Aviation Authority under a joint-use agreement with Joint Base Charleston. It is South Carolina’s largest and busiest airport. The runways at CHS are owned by the U.S. Air Force and Joint Base Charleston and are shared through what is the longest-running civilian/military joint-use agreement of its kind with the Department of Defense. The airport, located in North Charleston, is approximately 12 miles (19 km) northwest of downtown Charleston. The airport is also home to the Boeing facility that assembles the 787 Dreamliner.

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