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The Evolution of Parking Technology in 2020


The pandemic unexpectedly disrupted mobility and commerce trends in unprecedented ways. As a result, parking facilities have been compelled to shift to technologies that not only offer touchless options, but offer solutions that maximize revenue opportunities and create operational efficiencies that reduce expenses.

Earlier this year, SP+ introduced Sphere™, a full suite of technologies featuring the best mobility solutions on the market, as a single source provider. The technologies and services behind the Sphere brand apply decades of innovation and technology cultivated by SP+ experts, partners and clients, designed to optimize operations and improve financial objectives. For many businesses, the need to upgrade right now is urgent.

Current circumstances require parking customers to think about safety first. They expect businesses to deliver a touchless and frictionless experience—from the time reserve a parking spot on and enter a facility to when they exit and make a payment—that complies with federal and municipal mandates. Through Sphere Commerce™, SP+ can provide touchless options, including on-demand payment solutions, check-in/check-out, Bluetooth and more. In fact, customer interaction can be mitigated even further by using Sphere Remote™ to offer automated and in-lane support from an offsite facility. The goal is to simplify processes to create a frictionless experience for everyone.

Our state-of-the-art technologies are data-rich and give us a unique, in-depth look into occupancy patterns and other valuable data gathered through our Sphere iQ proprietary software and algorithms. This data can be used to help clients make informed decisions on how to optimize revenue, cut costs and benefit overall operations.

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