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Campus access solutions for students, faculty, staff, and visitors

Campus environments are unique. The SP+ University Services solutions provide campus access for students, faculty, staff, and visitors based on best practices and our extensive industry acumen. We proudly serve more than 100 higher education institutions across North America.

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Serving over 100 universities across the U.S.
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Parking & Access Management

Establishing efficient systems for purchasing and accessing parking areas on a college campus.

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Operational Consulting

Understanding and comparing operational performance with PEER Institutions to provide solid data for future decisions.

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Campus Mobility

Helping universities establish mobility options on campus that are both efficient and sustainable while also supporting and reducing parking demand initiatives.

There are several methods available to support campuses looking for more efficient and effective strategies pertaining to operations, financials, and maintenance.

Staffing, Training, Policies, & Procedures

Our experienced team evaluates your operations from top to bottom and delivers recommendations based on PEER review and data points.

Gated, Gateless, Timed

Our access management equipment options include a variety of timed parking options, including gated and gateless capabilities.

Campus Engagement

Our team PEER reviews your institution’s overall operations, including your Master Plan, and aids in providing a clear roadmap for change.

Transportation Demand Management

Our team evaluates your campus and develops customized TDM programs that promote efficient rider movement while delivering an outstanding  customer service experience.

Campus Events from Small to Large

University campuses have multiple events daily. Each function requires special arrangements to ensure the best guest experience possible. Our University Industries team works with you to define your institution’s needs and create a logistic plan that ticks all the boxes.


SP+ provides transportation, parking, event, and technology programs for many of the nation’s top universities and teaching hospitals. This experience gives us a unique depth of understanding and knowledge that allows us to create highly effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of the higher education environment. Our client list continues to grow, as does the longevity of our established partnerships.

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Supporting a University's full range of parking and transportation needs.

SP+ provides support for parking, transportation, and major events with advanced operational capabilities and technologies. Let us address your specific needs.

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